Where I'm From


I was born in the port city of Guaymas, Sonora in northern Mexico, known for its beautiful beaches
and fresh seafood.

From age 4 to 25 I lived in Phoenix, AZ, known for its dry heat, dust storms, and desert life.

I now live in beautiful San Jose, CA and work in the heart of Silicon Valley.


In my free time, I like to...

Listen to podcasts and public radio programs

Play guitar

Play video games

Learn new and interesting things from the internet


My personal philosophy centers around...

Continual improvement of myself and of my design process

Advocacy of human rights, equality, and social justice

Scientific understanding and advancement


Why I Love Design

Design makes us human. The very process of identifying a problem and taking steps to fix it is what has allowed societies to form, communities to grow, and our quality of life to drastically improve. Give us enough time and an appropriate design process and we can accomplish just about anything. Good design solves problems, but great design also makes things worth owning, worth letting into our lives, worth connecting with emotionally.

I see my role as a designer as one of immense responsibility, potential, and virtue.

It is my job to do well. It is my duty to do good. Let's change the world together!